Shopping and Discovering New Things in the Small Towns in Iowa

I like to drive around in the small towns in Iowa and shop at there stores. I have discovered a lot of great treasures in the small towns in Iowa over the years. I like to shop at the hardware stores and buy tools, pyrex dishes, garden equipment, lawn mowers, dehumidifiers, appliances and much more. I like the fact that their stores are not crowded and that you get service after the sell.

I have purchased a lot of furniture at family owned furniture stores for my rental properties over the years and for my home. I have found wonderful recliners, bedroom sets, couches, lamps and much more. I have stopped at carpet stores also and purchased their end rolls of carpet and beautiful wood flooring.

Northwood, Iowa

I drove around on the rural roads in Northwood, Iowa the other day and I discovered a lot of Amish  and Mennonite homes. I discovered a wonderful Greenhouse owned by a Mennonite family. They had wonderful mums, trees, garden supplies and more. I purchased some Deer stay away powder and I will be back later on for some of their mum plants. I also discovered a Mennonite family that had tomatoes and farm fresh brown eggs for sale. I purchased two dozen of her wonderful looking brown eggs. I drove down the road further and I saw an Amish man headed to the field with his two young sons.

St.Ansgar, Iowa

I like to shop at Home Sweet Home in St. Ansgar, Iowa. I have purchased wonderful blankets, cards, dish clothes, baking dishes, Christmas cards, home decor and more. They have a lovely and clean store and they are very friendly and accommodating to all of your needs and wants. I like the local hardware store in town. I have eaten at The Blue Belle Inn over the years and I have also stayed at their Inn. The rooms are nicely appointed and their food is excellent. I like to look at the white albino deer that is displayed in a glass building in town.

Clear Lake, Iowa

I love shopping at Larson’s, Wilcox Furniture, Ralhpene’s, The Red Geranium and eating at the wonderful restaurants in Clear lake, Iowa. All of the stores have very friendly and  accommodating employees. It is very easy maneuvering around downtown Clear lake, Iowa. I love to sit next to the Lake and watch the boats on the water. It is fun just to go for a walk while you are spending your day at Clear lake, Iowa. There are many parks to see and drive through.

Kalona, Iowa

I am very familiar with Kalona, Iowa. I love eating at the Tuscan Moon Restaurant  that features Italian food in Kalona as their food is always cooked to perfection. Kalona is an Amish and Mennonite community. I love to see the horse and buggies pull up to the stores. The Amish and Mennonites are excellent cooks and bakers. I was invited to a Mennonite home that served food to a group of eight or more and I must say that that was the best meal I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Keosauqua, Iowa

Keosauqua is located on the big bend of the Des Moines River in southeastern, Iowa. The towns in the area are called the villages of Van Buren County. The Hotel Manning is a very historical hotel. I have stay at the Hotel Manning and I was impressed with the historical architecture of the building. I loved the room and their food was excellent. The oldest court house in Iowa is located here and was built in 1843 it is a must see for everyone. The Lacey Keosauqua State Park is a wonderful and beautiful park to drive through. I would recommend going to all of the villages of Van Buren County for the historical significance.

Various Small Towns In Iowa

I have found wonderful treasures in Pella, Vinton, New Hampton, Farmington, Bonaparte, Bentonsport, Hampton, Traer and other various small towns in Iowa. Always remember there are still some stores left in the small towns across Iowa where you will find a wonderful treasure of your own.

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