Do we have the endurance to continue when adversity knocks on our door louder than ever before. Sometimes we think things are to hard for us that we barely have the stamina to continue. We must have fortitude and know that God will lift us up at our darkest hour. We will all endure many storms in our life. Life will ask more from us than we have to give but we will not be crushed or forsaken.

We think some people have an easy life but they are the people that know their limitations and put what they are good at to help enrich others peoples lives. Do not be jealous of someone or their accomplishments you do not know what they have had to endure in their life. Be a cheerleader for people and congratulate them on any and all achievements they have had in their life.

A person does not have peace and joy in their life until they have endured pain of some kind.  We endure a lot of pain and suffering when we hurt, injured or in the hospital. Embrace your pain and move forward with it and reflect on your pain.

We have a great deal of endurance in us when push comes to shove. The old saying slow and steady wins the race is very true indeed. Endurance keeps us going in the long haul. With endurance we have an ability to recover from wounds, trauma and fatigue. We need to be resilient, have a strong constitution, fortitude and a certain hardiness in us to survive in life. May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace every single day of your life. When we endure hardship and pain we have hope that things will improve very quickly.

Endurance will test you and take you to your maximum limitations. It is your to job to endure through whatever comes your way and to learn from it. Think to yourself while you are sick what you want to do with yourself when you have your life energy back again. You can write a card to someone while you are recovering or reach out to someone else that is recovering from an illness. You can start writing a journal or start planning a trip. Read the bible and daily devotions.

Many people in the Bible have had to endure a lot of pain and suffering. They became better people and they were better stewards after their hardships and suffering. God gives us pain and suffering for the betterment of our external souls. It is difficult for us to comprehend this. But he knows what is best for us. God is our comfort in the midst of our suffering. God comforts us while we are suffering so we can comfort others while they are suffering. Maintain a cheerful heart and let others see your cheerful heart. Keep on enduring children and you will see God in his full glory.

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