Let The Past Stay In The Past

Do not relive moments in the past. The past will over take the present in your thoughts and you will not be able to live in the present. You cannot change the outcome of past events so why let them clutter your mind like a bag of garbage left on the curb.

Live in the here and now

To enjoy and get the most out of your life live in the here and now. Many of your past events will have pleasant memories that you may want to recreate but you will be unable to accomplish the task. Towns change and attractions you once enjoyed you cannot find any longer. Create new memories each day of your life so you have many found to look back on in your old age.

Enrich your mind everyday

Make sure you learn something new everyday. A stagnant mind has never helped anyone. Enrich your mind by reading books, attending lectures, going to museums, traveling, life long learning classes, plays, concerts and so much more. Stay busy and alert and you will not think about events that bothered you in the past. When you stay busy and your mind is engaged in accomplishing your work you will have no time to think about water that has gone over the bridge.

Keep busy everyday

I keep busy everyday with¬† projects that I want to accomplish and I generally get everything done that I have set out to do that day. I wish to live in the present and in the here and now and keep moving forward with my life. I like one lyric in a song from my past : Ain’t nothin gonna break my stride I have to keep on moving now. When your stride in life gets broken you are broken also.

Create new adventures

Create new adventures everyday. Go for a drive, walk in the parks, go camping and get your RV out of storage and take a trip. We have a vast universe to explore so get out and explore a small portion of it today. Take short day trips and discover a new business, restaurant, ice cream shops, a tea room and an old hotel that still serves elegant meals. I love to look at the architecture of old buildings as they are more ornate and more detailed then the new houses today. I like looking at peoples flower gardens and vegetable gardens. I love looking at the farm animals that may be out and enjoying the great outdoors.

Never ever let the past rob you of the present

Never ever let the past rob you of what the present has to offer you in your life. I find and look for something new everyday. Farmers market has wonderful tasting fresh baked bread, sweet rolls, vegetables, honey , homemade soaps, organic meats, brown eggs and much more. I make the most of everyday that God has blessed me with. I let the past stay in a garbage sack by the curb and I choose to live in the present and make new memories. Do not let your mind stay cluttered with things from your past and enjoy each day that you are blessed with.

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6 thoughts on “Let The Past Stay In The Past

  1. I love creating new adventures and making memories with my children. One of my favorite sayings is “Write your hurts in the sand and carve your blessings in stone.”

  2. Jamie Ward says:

    Keeping busy and creating new adventures is my favorite! There is always something to do, and some place to explore.

  3. I agree that making new memories and new adventures are vital to not getting stuck in something we can’t change. I also try to see the blessings in each day to remind me that there is much to be thankful for.

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