Health Issues and Wearing Masks

As a lay minister for a church I feel that we should do all that we possibly can to protect others from getting the Corona Virus. All of us are Gods children and we should show respect and care about each others health and overall well -being. Putting on a mask to save someones life is a small price to ask. One of your loved ones could die because someone did not like the sound of having to wear a mask. It is not that anyone is trying to control you all they want to do is prevent people from dying a horrible death and a death away from all of their loved ones.

Some people cannot wear a mask due to their health problems because they have breathing problems and other health issues. They are particularly vulnerable for catching the Corona Virus from others. Some people have health problems they may have inherited or developed late in life that would cause certain death if they contracted the Corona virus. Mask must be worn to prevent your death and the lives of those you hold most dear.

The Corona virus is real and is not a hoax as people are dying by large numbers from it everyday. We are losing are health care workers on the front lines and staff and residents at nursing homes. God gave us a brain so lets use it and wear our mask to save lives. Everyone’s life is important as we all have things to get done and family members to take care of. A man or a woman with small children should not have to come home and tell their children that Mom or Dad has died from the Corona virus and we do not know how we will survive now with only one income. Children need both parents as roll models and their lives will never be the same again after the loss of a parent.

All age groups are affected by this clever mutating Corona virus. Young and old can die from the virus. I would feel absolutely horrible if I caused the death of a loved one because I did not want to social distance, wear a mask and lay out on the beach packed in like a can of sardines. Remember to wear your mask so your parents, Grandparents, children, friends and relatives may have the gift of life that God gave them. Do not be selfish and think about your wants and needs only. God always thinks about each one of us equally on an everyday basis so lets not do any less for are fellow man. God died for our sins. Remember to love your neighbor as yourself and remember to love and respect the lives of people you meet along life’s Hi – Way. Wear a mask as God would wear a mask to save us and all of his children on earth. Lets make sure we have a long and healthy life by respecting each others health and well – being.

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