Dings And Dents

When we buy a new car it is nice and shiny with no visible defects. We try our very best to keep our new car that way. Eventually a new car will get a ding or a dent in it. Our new car still takes us to all the places we want to go and provides us all of the amenities that it always has. A few dings or dents on a car will keep happening over time.

Defects Do Not Affect The True Persons Inner Self

Sometimes we buy defective merchandise and we ask for our money back. If we buy an alarm clock and it does not work at all it is of no value to anyone. We may buy a piece of furniture with a scratch on it and they will offer a discount on it. You may buy a freezer with a large dent in it at a huge savings as it will still freeze your food to perfection. A rug may be weaved wrong in one spot but it will still protect your floor and probably no one will even notice the flaw in the weave of the rug. You can buy a watch with a scratch on the crystal for half price and it will still give you the correct time of day. Defects do not affect how an object works most of the time if it is only a dent or a scratch.

Scars And Scraps

We will all have little scars or scraps on our body over the years and we will get old and wrinkled if we live long enough. Some people have to try to cover up every little flaw with makeup. You will never be able to cover up every little defect on your body.  Are human body will have many defects before before we leave this world. All of us have a true inner beauty that will never leave us.

Everyone Has Some Type Of Defect

All of us have some sort of a defect. Some defects we have are very noticeable and there are other defects that cannot be seen by other people but we are very aware of the defect ourselves because we live with that defect day after day. Some people may say you look fine and that there is nothing wrong with you. If we could live in each others body for one day we could see and feel exactly as they do and get a whole other perspective on their illness or disease. We may be born with a genetic flaw, birth defect, or a gene that will change its make up over the years and become an illness that we will go through in midlife or our golden years.

Love People For Who They Are And What They Stand For

God knows that all of us have defects of some kind. Do not look at a persons defects as we all have defects. Look for the good in people as God looks for the good in his creation. Love people for who they are and what they are and what they stand for. Jesus knows we have many defects and  he died on the cross to forgive us for our sins.

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