Talk And Work Things Out With People

Come Up With A Resolution

If you have a problem with someone tell them about it and come up with a resolution that will work for both of you. If you do not talk over a problem with someone they might not even know that they did something to upset you. If you are treated badly by someone you went them to make amends. You are responsible for your actions so act like it when dealing with people. Do not take advantage of anyone. Some people tend to size someone up as easy prey. Someday the person taking advantage of others will be taken advantage of when someone sees them as easy prey.

Tell The Owner About Your Problem

Talk to someone about being treated badly at a business and they will more than likely be glad to fix the problem for you or issue you a refund or your purchase. Never trash a business on the internet as they cannot control what all of their employees do while they may be gone for a short amount of time. Talk over the problem with the owner of the establishment and tell them how the employee treated you. The employee may get fired so do not complain about a trifle little matter. If  someone tries to short change you confront them while they are counting your change back to you.

Ask To Be Made Whole Again

If you feel you are not made whole again after a major problem with a business, person or corporation talk to the person or persons in charge. I always talk to he top brass and I figure why start out low on the totem pole. Things get taken care of very quickly indeed when you talk to the owner or top supervisor. No business, repairmen, small businesses want a bad reputation. If you are treated nicely by a business send them an email telling them how wonderful you were treated. Thank a business on facebook or another social media platform. Praise people for treating you with the upmost respect and standing behind their product or service.

Always Talk And Work Things Out With People

Always talk and work things out with people. Never resort to violence as it only escalates and gets out of control quickly. Do not bad mouth people and give them a chance to make amends and make you whole again. Stay calm, cool and collected when dealing with people and problems. God gives all of us a chance to make amends everyday that we are here on earth.

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