Do Not Have Broken Links In Your Life

Broken links in your life can have profound effects on your life for many years to come.  Do not lose your connection to your family. A simple family squabble should be resolved quickly and not escalate into more than what it was. Forgive people and stay connected to them. You can forgive a person easily as God forgives us for our sins. We may never forget what the person has done to us but we can still forgive them. Do not lose your link to family and friends. Good friends are hard to find and family should be a scared bond forever in your heart.


Stay Linked To God

Never lose your link to God. Without God by your side your life is meaningless. God has created you in his image so you can help enrich the lives of others. Be kind and bring joy into the lives of others. God is my compass through thick and thin. God has put me on earth to complete a mission for him which I intend to run to the finish line with. Without my link to God I would have perished by now. God knows knows our strengths and our weaknesses and  he can lead us to the path that will do the most good.

Stay Linked To Friends And Family

Maintain your links to friends and family that you might be separated from. Talk to them on the phone and let them know that you appreciate that they are in your life. Send pictures, text, emails and letters to each other often s that may be the highlight of their day. Send Christmas cards at Christmas time as all of us appreciate receiving a nice card. Send Get Well , Thinking Of You and Thank you notes to people as you can stay connected and thy now that you appreciate them being in your life.

A Chain With A Broken Link Is Of No Value

A dog chain or a log chain with a broken link is of no value to anyone. Your dog may run away and get harmed or injured. A log chain will not be able to help you pull anything with a broken link in the chain. A necklace that breaks away from your neck because of a weak link will cause you to lose it and what you have attached to it. Chains must have all of there links to be able to be helpful or useful to people.

DNA Chain

Our DNA is linked and when a link is broken in our DNA chain we have a huge medical problem of some kind that will affect us for our entire life. Links are made not to be broken for they are made for our benefit. One damaged nerve cell or a missing link affects your whole body or your inner you. Modern medicine keeps working on why links get broken in our body. A broken link can be the result of a genetic mutation and so much more.

Stay Linked To Others And All Will Benefit

Links get broken on the internet and cause trouble for people trying to connect to that link. It takes a lot of time to fix a broken link of any kind. Stay linked to God, friends, family and church as all of these links make you who you are today and who you will be in the future. Stay linked and true to each other and help link people to other people so many will benefit from the links they have established with each other. We all have our own God given talents and if we do not break our links with each other so much good can be accomplished in the World. God bless you and yours.

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