Keeping Up Your Faith

If you have faith you believe with a strong conviction that things will get better in your times of troubles and hardships. When we feel helpless about a situation or event in our life we have to put our trust in God. In my times of weakness I pray to God that he will give me renewed strength. God is my source of strength and well-being. With God by my side who can be against me.

Always make time for prayer in your life as it will bring you closer to God and thank him everyday for the blessings that have been bestowed on you. Read your Bible and see how it can help you in your daily living and how you can be a better steward of God. Read a daily devotion and think how you can apply it to your day today. Listen to uplifting and relaxing music and sing praises to God today. Make friends with like minded people and reach out to others.

Belief in God is based on Spiritual belief rather than proof. You don’t absolutely have to see God to believe that he truly exist. Faith is found in religion and being involved in your church. Faith is composed of trust, conviction, credence, religion and your church and persuasion. Without faith we would feel our life had no purpose or meaning. We need faith to survive in the world and to be with God someday in heaven.




Take time to be by yourself  and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Looking at Gods majestic beauty in the World should strengthen your faith in God. Gods creation shows us that he has faith in us to be good stewards of the land so that people can enjoy the beauty that God has laid out for us.


Wear your faith proudly and pass it on to others. Faith lets us know that when we get up in the morning God has a faith filled day waiting for us. Faith lets us know that we will live on spiritually forever and our life had a great and glorious purpose in Gods eyes. Keep up your faith everyday and be steadfast.

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