Acts Of Kindness

Be kind to people and thank them for everything that they do for you and others to help them out. Talk to people on the phone and try to uplift them and make them happy. Compliment people often and do not take people for granted. Write or text a note to people and let them know you are thinking about them .

If you see your neighbors out and about say hello to them and ask them how they are today. Invite people out for coffee or go for a walk in your neighborhood. If you do not hear from someone call and checkup on them. Be friendly to people and considerate of their feelings. Be generous and give to your local food bank, church and many worthy charities that help and uplift people.

Little acts of kindness can turn into big acts of kindness. If everyone gives what they can to charities it can do a great deal of good in a short amount of time. If several people give money toward a scholarship it can change the life of the person that receives the scholarship forever. A job with a future enriches and fulfills a person and gives them a sense of self worth.

Go out of your way to spread a little kindness in the lives of others today and everyday. Hold a door open for someone today and compliment them as this will make their day a little brighter. Give people spontaneous gifts now and then as it will be pleasant surprise for them. Give a complete stranger a gift or some money and make their day.

Kindness matters a great deal in the lives of people you impact by being kind to them. Do not say hurtful things to people as it may follow them around forever. Always lift people up and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Never put someone or some persons business down. If you cannot say anything good about them just avoid them and stay away from them.

If you are kind to other people you are helping yourself also. If you are kind to people they will tend to be kind to you. People never forget a mean or hateful person and they will tend to avoid you. Go out of your way to show kindness to people everyday that you are blessed to be on earth. Be one of Gods good stewards as often as possible.

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