All of us feel very vulnerable at times. We may feel unsafe, at risk or endangered depending upon our situation. When we are very young or elderly it is easier for people to take advantage of us. When we are young and naive or elderly someone may have the upper hand on us. We are very trusting in general of other people. In times of hardship and trials people tend to pray on other people and take advantage of the situation to line their pockets. We must always be on guard for uncouth characters that are out and about.

We are very vulnerable in times of a pandemic. Some people think price gouging is OK. I think price gouging is as low as you can possibly go. Never take advantage of people that are struggling to get buy and need essential items to survive. Remember the Golden Rule and live by it everyday of your life. The Golden rule is : Do Unto Others As You Would  Have Them Do Unto To You.

There are many phone scammers and internet scammers that make a living taking advantage of vulnerable people. They may get by with that on earth but they will not get by with that on Judgement day. Some places keep sending out donation forms constantly hoping that you will forget that you just paid them.

The price of face masks and other essentials that we need due to the pandemic that we are in are all over the place. My grocery bill since march 1st 2020 has gone up $40.00 for the same exact items. Everyone has to pay a lot more for all of their essential items.

Are health care workers on the front lines are very vulnerable to catching Covid – 19. Remember to thank health care workers everyday as they are fighting to help save our lives. People with preexisting conditions and illnesses are very vulnerable to catching Covid – 19. Stay home and only go out for essential items for the next life you save just might be your own. Covid – 19 does not discriminate  anyone or any age group. All of us could die from this pandemic that we are in.

Be nice to people, businesses, and all people that you meet.  If a store is out of an item that you need or want do not loss your cool for it is not their fault if they are waiting for supplies. Do not get irate and out of control with workers. It takes longer for all of us to get supplies than it used to as that is the new normal. We have to beat this pandemic together as it is very real and it could kill any of us at anytime. Follow all of the rules and stay safe and well.  God bless you and yours.

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