Time With God

Time flies while you are having fun. If you are waiting for something it is like time is standing still. The older we get it seems as if the days are getting shorter. When one is in school it seems the hands of the clock do not move. Time waits for no man. Do things today that should not be put off for another day.

God Makes Time For All Of Us Everyday

God makes time for all of us everyday. We should make time for God everyday. Praise God for how he has blessed your day today. If you are stuck in traffic at a stop sign reflect on God and nature. If something disrupts your plans for the day do not get angry as God may be directing you to a more necessary cause.

Spend Time With Those You Love

Spend time with those you love for one day they will be gone until you reunite with them in heaven. God want us to spend time with people and be their cheerleader in life. Bring hope, joy, peace, love, compassion and more into the lives of others each and everyday. Be a go to person for people and put a smile on someones face today. Uplift and praise people and thank them for everything that they have done to help you and their community.

Make Time For God Everyday

Make time for God everyday. Without God in your life their is no hope for you. You are to serve God and to put him above all others. Time spent with God is your most valuable time so do not waste a single minute of your time with God. God is found in nature, church, and people that spread Gods good works. Even when your life is in chaos God still holds and uplifts you. Look for subtle signs of God as his beauty surrounds you each and everyday that you are blessed with God by your side. Spend your time wisely and effectively with God and where it will do the most good. Glory be to God in the highest.

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