We all have strong expectations of what we want and what we should achieve in life. There will be positive and negative things that will happen to us in our lifetime. You can not expect to achieve great things unless you put your heart and soul into your work. Nothing totally ever gets handed to you on a silver platter you must work for what you achieve in life. God will help you with your goals in life as he gives you the power and the ability to learn and work for what is important to you.

Expectations have limits. You cannot expect to gain instant fame overnight as it may be a lifetime effort on your part. You generally get out of life what you put into your life. Remember to always stay focused on your goals in life and let no one dis-swayed you from achieving them. Your life will have many ups and downs but do not let the downs hold you down for too long. Life is fast paced and waits for no man.

We expect to have a job and to get paid a decent wage for the work we do at our job. Layoffs will happen now and then and that is why you must save up money for a rainy day. We will have certain health conditions that will come up in our lives that may alter our expectations for awhile or forever. We try to live up to the expectations of others to make them happy. Never let anyone take your expectations down the wrong road in life for you know what is right and wrong. God is the only true Judge of man so do not even try to Judge others for you do not know their past or the roads they have been down in life.

We expect our friends to treat us fairly. We want a wonderful and kind loving family. We all want good health and to feel reasonably safe in our own home. We hope our money will hold out for our lifetime. We hope we will have someone care for us in our old age. We expect good health care with experienced nurses and doctors that will treat us with the upmost respect.

God expects us to worship him and put him above all others. We expect God to help us get through all of life’s storms. God has always been by my side and he is my constant companion and compass in life. God bless you and yours. Expect the best and achieve the most that you possibly can in life.

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