Living In Paradise

You can live in paradise on earth. God has created many beautiful things for us to enjoy while we are on our earthly voyage in life. We enjoy looking at birds, flowers,scenery,majestic mountains and so much more. Paradise is living a life in the present without hanging on to your baggage from the past. Your past should remain in the past since you can not change the outcome anymore.

We can delight in the company of friends. We can listen to and help each other with problems we may face. Give your friend an unexpected gift. Compliment your friends often. Their good fortunes should bring joy to your heart. Heaven can truly be a place on earth where you feel safe and sound and the sounds of nature abound.

I find paradise living in the country. Watching animals being born in the springtime brings joy and hope into your  life for their are always new beginnings in life with new births. Baby animals of all types are so very cute and adorable. The sounds of nature such as the oceans waves pounding, birds in song, rain drops hitting your windows and much more are the sounds of paradise that God created for us to enjoy while we are on earth.

Living in paradise on earth prepares us for the ultimate paradise we will have in heaven someday. Jesus died for our sins so that we may be in eternal paradise with him in heaven when we leave our earthly body behind. We will have a spiritual body that will know no more pain or suffering.

Do not let anyone hold you back in life. Let bygones be bygones and move upward and forward with your life. Do not let any illness empower you. Embrace your illness as God knows what you are going through. Your illness may be a wonderful gift that will help you grow closer to God and you may be able to accomplish much more with your life than you ever thought was possible.

Paradise is around the corner for all of us if we just take things in stride and let God be our compass in life all of the days of our life on earth. We will reach our ultimate paradise next to God in heaven when we leave our earthly body and we are in our new spiritual body.

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