Turbulence Ahead

When we are on an airplane and the pilot announce’s turbulence ahead we are not to nervous but when the plane starts rocking violently we become alarmed and very worried as to what the outcome may be. In these troubled times their is definitely turbulence ahead.

We are living in very turbulent times. We are very concerned about our health and the health of our families. We prepare as much as possible when we go shopping. We may put on gloves, a mask and distance ourselves properly but we are very concerned that we may end up endangering our life and the lives of those we hold most dear and other people that we meet along life’s hi-way.

We ask God to protect us and shield us from this terrible pandemic. God and scientist are working on a cure for this devastating and unpredictable virus. I pray to God everyday to help the World find a way to combat and put an end to this pandemic. God is my my pilot as he has lead me out of many turbulent storms in my life.

It is time for everyone to let God be your compass and pilot in life for only he knows how to solve this pandemic that we are in. Be kind to all the people that you meet in the grocery store, gas station, Doctors office and pharmacy. All of  us are very stressed with the shortage of certain everyday products that we used to take for granted. A lot of people I know are not sleeping well at night and are having difficulty concentrating on day to day living.

Pay attention to social distancing as you might save your own life and the lives of many more people. Age does not make any difference with this pandemic as any age group could die. No one is immune from death. Stay home unless it is a great health need or a grocery store run.

If we use common sense we can beat this clever mutating virus.  Thank you God for all the wonderful and amazing health care workers who are working around the clock tirelessly to help keep us healthy and to treat the sick and dying. Remember to thank any and all health care workers that you see on the front line to help stop this pandemic in its tracks.

God bless you and yours and follow social distancing and pray without ceasing. Be kind, compassionate, caring and a good example for others. Be patient and do not lose your temper with anyone that is trying to help you as we are all in this together around the World.

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