Growing Closer To God In These Trying Times

I have been reading more devotionals and religious books. I have been writing more inspirationswithlaura post. Now is an excellent time to grow your relationship with God. Call and check on your friends and families well being often. Pray for your friends and the Worlds well being without ceasing.

Thank God for all the many blessing that you have in your life. Help and pray for those in need. God listens to all of our prayers and he answers them when he knows we need him the most and we can except his answer to our prayers. God is our creator  and he only wants the best for his children.

Nature is very unpredictable and we cannot control its outcome. Storms come to all of us in our lifetime and it is how we handle the storms in our life that make all the difference in the World. We are put on earth to support, comfort and uplift in each other in these very trying times.

I have been calling friends, family and those in the rest homes and assisted living units. Talking to someone in difficult times is truly comforting. We are all in this pandemic together World wide so lets help each other out as much as possible.

God knows all of your thoughts before you can even say or think of them on your own. Life is full of new challenges and changes everyday. You must adapt to changes faster than you may want to in trying times like these. God has supported and uplifted you in life since the day you were born and even while you were in your Mother’s womb.

I know God is working on a cure for the Coronavirus as he does not want any of his children to suffer. He is giving people in the health care profession ideas and knowledge of what to use or do to find a cure for the Coronavirus. We must be patient with God knowing he and the health care professionals are working as hard as they possibly can to see end end to this virus in the near future. God bless you and yours and stay safe and follow the rules to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

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