What I Am Keeping Busy With

I like to read history books and devotional books. I like to call on people and visit with them. I have been working on my spring cleaning. My cats have nice fresh clean towels to start off their spring. I keep busy writing my various blog post. I watch a few TV programs that I have enjoyed over the years.

I try to talk to at least five people a day. We visit about current events and I share my inspirationswithlaura blog post with those that do not have a computer. We can learn a lot of valuable information from each other as we have all had different experiences in our lives.

I love writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas with others through my blog post. I love cats and have been around cats all of my life. My goal is for you to have a happy and healthy cat for many years to come. I am a lay minister for my church  and my goal is to spread Gods good works by writing blog post on my website which is inspirationswithlaura. I like to go to the rest homes and assisted living units and visit with the people there or call them on the phone. I find it very rewarding and a gift from God to be able to visit with them and share Gods good works with them.

I like to keep a clean and orderly home. I like to get my spring cleaning done early and give items to Goodwill, Affordables and more. I love to clean the wood floors upstairs and put clean paper in the dresser drawers and in the kitchen cupboards. I vacuum under furniture and in crevices and corners. I defrost my freezer and rearrange the food and clean my refrigerator. I put a special cleaner in the washing machines that cleans out any debris in them. I clean everything in curio cabinets. Dishes are cleaned and then put back in the cupboards. Everything gets a royal dusting. My basement gets vacuumed and the floors get scrubbed. Old papers get shredded and thrown away.I go through all of my closets and weed out items that are no longer used. My litter boxes get cleaned and the floors next door get scrubbed. A clean home makes for a healthy  home as it cuts down on allergies considerably.

It is not hard to find things to do that will keep you busy and give you a great sense of accomplishment. God bless you with all of your endeavors.

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