The Dangers Of Being Self – Focused

Being self – focused is dangerous because you think of yourself only and you become self – absorbed and obsessed with things or possessions. To be a well rounded individual you need to reach out to people and genuinely care about their overall well – being. Being obsessed with something takes you away from positive thoughts and things you should really get done.

Being self – focused is like putting yourself in a little box and opening up the box when it only benefits you to do so. Putting yourself in a neat little box robs you from life and consumes your soul. Reach out to people and surround yourself with people and you will feel much better for doing so. Look at the whole picture in life and live outside of the box.

By being obsessed with yourself you rob yourself of a good connection with God. Without God in your life you will stumble and fall and will not be able to get up again at some point in your life. God  has a path chosen for you. Make sure you walk on the right path and do the right things on that path that will benefit many and not just yourself.

God and people do not care for someone that is self – centered and has lost their way on the right path in life. Pray to God without ceasing to help you stay on the path that will accomplish the most in your lifetime. There are many distractions in life so be extra careful to not be distracted for very long. Evil tries to overtake the good in you if you stay distracted or obsessed with something for to long. If money is your main focus in life you are completely off of your chosen path in life. Money is truly the root of all evil as many get obsessed with amassing a larger and larger fortune that they do not spend to help those that are in desperate need.

Focus on God , family, friends and what you can do to help other people out. Always be kind, compassionate and truly care for the needs of others in your life and those in need that you do not know. Continue to spread Gods good works everyday.

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