Living In A Positive Manner

Always look at your glass half full and not half empty. Negativity will suck you down in a vortex that will devour you if you let it take over your daily thoughts. Surround yourself with positive thinking individuals that are movers and shakers. Think of of at least one positive thing that happened to you today and move forward with that.

Remember you woke up this morning and that was a positive. Plan out your day so you can achieve goals that you have set for yourself. Do not expect the impossible from yourself and set realistic goals that you can live up to. Do your toughest jobs first and then work your way down to the easy jobs. You will be glad you are doing the easy jobs in the afternoon as you have gotten worn down earlier in the day.

God wants us to live in a positive manner and be productive and set a good example for others to live by. Be a good steward whenever and however you can everyday. Help lift up peoples spirits and let them know that you genuinely care about their well – being. You show someone that you care about their well – being by being their for them in good and bad times, talking about the future, looking at them and showing empathy and more.

Negative events happen to all of us. It is best to learn from a negative event quickly and try to turn it into something positive. If you can warn someone about what happened to you and prevent it from happening to them that is  positive. Protect and nurture those that you love and do not let negativity get the better of them.

Start out your day with positive thoughts and think to yourself how can I make the world a better place today. Live up to your fullest potential and never waste a day on negativity. God has faith in you that you can achieve great and remarkable things on earth if you stay focused on the positive and lock the door on negativity. Leave your good mark on the World and make a positive and everlasting influence in other peoples lives as that will leave you a great legacy. God Bless you in all of your endeavors to leave negativity far behind you.

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