Morning Has Broken To A New Day

We can do our best work at the beginning of the day. Our mind is fresh from a good nights rest. Were ready to plan out our day. I start out my day with feeding, watering and cleaning out my cats litter boxes and attending to all of their needs. I call people and talk to them and try to put a smile on their face everyday. I decide what I want to clean in my house. I read a daily devotion and try to include what I have read into my day. I read my newspaper in the morning. I also cleanup any snow that has fallen in the winter months. I generally write my blog post in the morning.

In the afternoon I read a history book and watch some TV. I then go back to some house cleaning. I make some business calls, go to the bank, buy groceries and whatever else that needs to get done. In the evening is my time to unwind and relax from my day. I always remember this is the day the lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it. I thank God that I was blessed with another day.

In the spring I plan out what I want to put in my garden. Spring cleaning gets put into full mode. It is nice to clear out your old things and have a sparkling clean home. The lawn mowers get fresh oil so they are ready to go. I plan out what I want to get repaired or fixed for the year on my 3 rental homes. Spring is a time of renewal as seeds start to grow and baby birds, lambs and more are born into the world. Renew your faith with God by going to church more, reading your bible and living the life that God intended for you to live. Share Gods good works and be a good steward.

In the warm weather I start out weed wacking in the morning. I love mowing my yard as I find it very relaxing. I work out in my garden clearing out all of the weeds. I go to the rest homes and assisted living units to visit with people from my church and others. I love painting and maintaining my home and the outdoor buildings and staining my deck at home. I also like to relax in my hammock  and read a good book. I love traveling in the warm months. I have enjoyed all of my trips to Europe as I  mainly went to  all of the countries that my ancestors came from. Walking down the same streets that they walked down and learning so much more about them and why they came to America.

In the autumn months I mow up my leaves and clean out my garden and make some applesauce. I clean up my outdoor equipment. I make sure any repairs that need to be done get done before winter. I enjoy traveling in the fall to look at the beautiful leaves on the trees and bushes. Fall house cleaning gets done. Be grateful for everyday and every season that you are blessed with.

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