Self Absorbed

If someone is self absorbed they obsess about themselves and their own feelings. They do not think about how the other person is feeling and what their needs and wants might be. If you are self absorbed and never think of other  peoples feelings you are not living the life that God intended you to live. You must think to yourself how would I feel if I were in that particular situation.

Self absorption robs you of life that helps and uplifts others. Being self absorbed will rob you of many friendships in your life as your friends will learn rather quickly that you always put your needs first and foremost. In an emergency or life and death situation it would be natural to take care of yourself and your particular needs at that time.

When you give someone a gift give them give the kind of gift you would like to receive yourself. If you cannot stand the item that you are intending to give as a gift than please do not give it to the person for they will not appreciate it either.

Listen to people and try to help them out with their problems if you possibly can. Sharing a room with another person can be quite a challenge if they want everything to go their way. A party I know has a roommate that is self absorbed. Her roommate got up at 12:45 PM and turned the light on and sorted through her closet for forty five minutes looking for clothes she wanted to wear the next morning.  She had no consideration for her roommate at all. Her roommate did not get any sleep that night after she was awakened.

Some people will only bring food that they like to a party and have no consideration for what the others may want. One man went into a restaurant and came out with food for himself only. The other people in the car were hungry also. He never once asked them what would you like to eat in fact he had the nerve to drive off proudly eating his sandwich.

Don’t be self absorbed and think of  peoples needs and wants ahead of your own. Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. If Jesus would have been self absorbed we would all perish with death and never have everlasting life. Go and be a good steward to all that you meet on lives Hi – way.

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