What The Cross Represents To Me

The cross represents Christ and my  faith in Christ. When I wear a cross necklace  it represents my faith in Christ and that he died on the cross for my sins. Christ is always by your side.

The shape of the cross represents to me that Christ loves me from my head down to my toes. The four corners of the cross show me that Christ will protect me wherever I may roam. God created nature which is unpredictable and accidents do happen to all of us eventually. All of us will get sick and die eventually as it is part of nature.

God protects us the best that he possibly can while we are in our earthly body. I believe that God has answered many of my prayers over the years which is a great comfort to me. I want to help spread Gods  good works as often as I possibly can. I have been very blessed in my lifetime. I was truly blessed with kind, wonderful, loving, caring and amazing parents.

Going to church helps you grow and mature as a Christian. Visit with your church family and support each other and so much can get accomplished with support from like minded people. Listening to sermons helps your connection with God and in serving others.

When I attend church I feel that God is truly in my house of worship. I have gone to the same church all of my life and the connection to my church is very strong. There is a large Gold cross on the altar in front of my church and I look at it every Sunday, The cross represents Christ and my everlasting faith in Christ and that he is our great redeemer.

Study the cross and think to yourself what the cross represents to you in your life.

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