What Irks My Cats

My cats get upset if any changes occur in my home. I put new carpet in my living room and dining room lately and they did not like that. They were afraid of the workers except for Kohl he lavished in the extra attention he got from them. Kohl would not lay on the carpet to begin with. When Kohl finally took a nap on the new carpet he rolled around on it and he loved it.

New Furniture

New furniture in your home can put your cat into panic mode. I place a cushion from the old couch on top of the new couch and then it has a scent that they are familiar with. The new couch finally meets their seal of approval then. If you have workers in your home remodeling make sure your cats cannot escape as they will be scared to death by the sound of the power tools.


Thunderstorms storms and fireworks frighten pets. Hold you cats and reassure them that things will be OK if they are willing to let you hold them. Some cats will hide under the bed or in your shower or other places in your home. Strong wind noises also frighten pets.

Loud Music

Cats like soft relaxing music. Loud music sets them on edge as it most likely hurts their eardrums since they have such a keen scene of hearing. Cats like classical music or easy listening music. Scary TV programs will also scare your cat and he may run and hide.

A New Pet

A new pet in the family if not introduced right will upset them to no end. Your old cats may start marking your furniture to show the new cat that this is their turf and to back off. Put the new cat in a small room with the door shut for at least one week so they can smell each and get familiar with each other gradually. I have always had success with this introduction method.


Cats do not like a change in their cat food. If you want them to eat a different brand of cat food leave the old brand out also for them. Some cats will stop eating altogether if they do not like their cat food. If you have a cat food that they absolutely love stick with that brand and that kind why upset a good thing.


Cats will hide if a new person comes to stay with you in your home. Generally after about a weeks times they will come out of hiding and check out the new person that is now in you home. Talk to your cat and hold him to comfort him and show him  you love him.

Scents and Perfume

Cats do not like scent of some air fresheners and they will avoid that room until the scent clears out of the room. Cats do not like certain perfumes either. Cats like fresh towels to sleep on that are fuzzy and soft to the touch. Some cats only like one particular kind of cat bed and nothing else will satisfy them.

If you cat is irked by something figure out what it is and correct the problem ASAP and  both of you will live in purrfect harmony together for many years to come.

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