Growing With God

How do we grow our relationship with God ? Read the bible for daily inspiration and live a life that is worthy of Gods undying love for you. Visit with people often and try to uplift them. Give to the needy and help people that are in need.

Visit people that are lonely and always try to put a smile on their face. If someone is isolated check and call on them often to make sure they are OK. Everyone can be a shepherd of God if you try. Go to church regularly and listen to your ministers sermon and reflect on the sermon throughout your week. See how you can use the sermon to help others in your life.

If someone is sick and alone they need a true shepherd of God to help them get through this troublesome time in their life. Having someone by your side when you are sick can give you the will to carry on and get better. Sick people also need an advocate to go to bat for them when they cannot fend for themselves any longer.

God wants you to learn from your mistakes and try to never repeat those same mistakes again. Life has plenty of ups and downs. Remember God is always by your side in good and bad times. Let the light in your soul shine through so that others may see it always. Guide people on the right paths in life. There are many distractions in life that can leed someone down the wrong road without a good guide by their side.


Grow your faith with God everyday. Say your prayers everyday and thank God for how he has blessed you today. Let God be your compass in life every single day. Read the bible, devotions and more and practice what you read in your daily living. Sing praises to God and remember to thank God everyday. Live the life that God intends for you to live that will help many people and God will be proud that you are one of his good stewards.

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