We are a diverse nation and we all bring something different to the table. We have different backgrounds and abilities which blend well together. We have different jobs so we can help one another effectively. We all like different things which ads to the spice of life. Variety is important in your life so you don’t stagnate and keep on learning and discovering new things.

Diverse Skills

By being a diverse nation are skills are very different and we can blend the skills together to discover cures for diseases and keep the electronic age moving full steam ahead. Thank goodness we do not all like the same things. If  all of us thought alike we would all be doing the same thing and driving the same brand and color of car. Life would be very boring indeed and we would not advance or move forward with time.

Vast Variety Is Good

We have a vast variety of items for sale in the World that can benefit many people. We plant a huge variety of vegetables, flowers, trees and much more that supply food and shade and protect animals. The different styles of architecture add beauty to the land. We have bred different colors and sizes of dogs and other animals that add to the of beauty nature. Animals are bred to produce more milk, eggs, leaner meat and more. The different breeds of dogs help with many various task.

A Diverse Nation Can Benefit The Masses

Diversity is what makes a country strong. We have had many different and exciting experiences by learning from people in other nations. All of us want the same basic necessitates out of life. We can bring different methods of learning valuable things if we we collaborate together and work together toward a common goal. We have different jobs, abilities, skills, values, personality traits and attitudes which when blended together accomplishes so much to make the World much better.  Be glad that we are a diverse nation that can benefit the masses.

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