Singing Praises To God And More

We sing praises to God to show him how much we love and adore him. God loves it when his flock sings joyful songs that praise his Holy name. Christmas is the time of year that many songs are sung that tell about the birth of Jesus. Songs tell a story in a way that people can easily remember the story that is being told.  Christ the Savior is born at Christmas. Think of what your life would be like if Jesus had not been born in a manger years ago. The World would not be like it is now and our soul would be lost forever. Sing praises to God everyday.

Songs can tell about true life experiences. Loves songs tell of great love that endures forever. Love songs also tell about heartache and pain when their marriage ends in divorce. Songs tell a story about bad experiences that people have had to endure.

We can take comfort in songs that remind us of days of old. I can remember the lyrics to most of the songs that I heard on the radio or the record player,  and cassette tapes in the late 70;s and 80’s. Music awakens us and brings our memories back again.

Music can be very uplifting and stimulating. I listen to music while I am on my treadmill. I like to listen to fast paced music while I am on the treadmill as I tend to want to keep up with the rhythm of the song I am listening to . Music can relax a person and put them at ease and some music can set your nerves on edge.

Next time you listen to a piece of music try to listen to the story they want to tell you about themselves or someone or something in their life. Music unlocks some stories that may never have been told unless they were written in the form of music. Keep singing and telling stories that need to be told. Sing praises to God with Joy, Love, Hope, Peace and be grateful that God is always by your side.


47:6    Sing Praises To God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.

51:14-15 Deliver me from blood-guiltiness, O God thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud with thy righteousness.

O Lord open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise.

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