Maintaining Your Soul

I try to maintain my soul by attending church, reading bible verses and reading daily devotions and living my life as God intended for me to live it. God wants us to help share the Bible and what it stands for with as many people as we possibly can.

Be Kind And Generous To A Fault

Be kind and generous to a fault. If you see someone in need help them out. Give them a gift certificate, food, clothing and invite them to eat with you at a restaurant if they say they are hungry. Be kind to people that are less fortunate. You have no idea whatsoever what they have had to endure in their lifetime. They may have had a family member that was very sick and they had high medical bills. Homeless people do not wish to be homeless an event in their life that they could not control is probably what caused them to be homeless.

Pray Daily

Whatever situation that you get into in life always pray to God to help you and leed out of harms way. God helps us maintain our souls everyday in some subtle way. Look at all of the joys in life such as time with family and friends, nature and wonderful majestic scenery. Let God be your guide and pray to him to help you maintain your soul on a daily basis.

God Will Help You Get Over The Bumpy Roads In Your Life

Life will have many bumpy roads, it is how you get over the bumps in the road that make all the difference in your life. Strive to reach the peak of your performance. People watch what you do so do the right thing that will inspire more people to take your leed. Maintenance is about keeping things up. We put a new roof on our house so it will not leek. We have our furnace checked so we will have heat when needed. We get the oil changed in our cars so they operate at their peak performance. Maintaining your soul is no different. Listening to a good sermon on Sunday, spreading Gods good works, kindness, compassion, joy, peace, love, hope. faith, grace and helping people out help maintain your soul.


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