Trust means that we have confidence in someone. If we confide in someone that means that we trust them with private, personal or financial information. Trust is not given quickly as it takes time to win someones trust. If a confidence is broken the trust between the two parties is also broken. It takes a very long time to earn someones trust back.


To have faith in a person we also trust that person. God has faith in us that we will strive to do the right things in life. God has given us the ten commandments as to how he wants us to live. We as Gods children trust in God as he has always been by our side.

Hope is a form of trust. We hope for good health, weather, friends and so much more. Without hope for a bright tomorrow you are lost. We trust that the sun will come up in the morning and will set at night. Our trust in God and his trust in us is a wonderful gift of love and hope that keeps us going and doing good things with our lives while we are on earth.

The old lyrics ” trust and obey for there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey”. To be happy in any relationship there has to be trust. Without trust you cannot form lifelong ties with someone. Blessed be the tie that binds is a Christian fellowship or shared belief. We all believe that trust is important to a tie that binds us together with God and fellow Christians. United we stand and divided we fall. Christians must unite for a common cause and worship and praise God together for all the blessings and great joys he has given to us. In God we trust today and into eternity.

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