Be Considerate To Other People

What I witnessed at the post office the other day was very inconsiderate to all concerned. A woman came in to mail a package and said she wanted to mail it first class. The postmaster had it stamped and ready for her. She told him she decided on second class instead. He took of the old postage off and placed the new stamps on the package for her. She than had the nerve to say that now she had decided on third class. The postmaster removed the old postage once more for her. She turned around to see if people were waiting in line. She had held up ten people with her one package to mail. Kudos to the postmaster he never once got mad at her. Her actions spoke volumes about her personality. She was very demanding and inconsiderate to the needs of others and the poor postmaster that went way beyond the call of duty.

Put yourself in the other persons predicament. Think to yourself is that how I would want to be treated before you talk or react to a situation the wrong way. If you see someone struggling with a heavy package help them carry it if you are able to do so. Once a word pops out of you mouth it is said and remembered for many years perhaps. If someone is driving slowly on the road do not be rude and inconsiderate as they may have car trouble or maybe they are hauling something that may break if they would go faster.

If someone comes into an event late ask them why they were late before you over react. You do not have any idea how another person is feeling or what they have been through in their life. Never tell someone I know how it is because you have no idea whatsoever how it truly is. Be considerate to man and beast and always be kind.

I am all grateful for all the kind and considerate people that have blessed me throughout the years. Count your many blessings in life and remember to always thank God every single day. Be thankful for what you have been blessed with such as good friends, health, family, a house to live in and so much more.

As we approach the holidays I reflect back on how I was blessed to have wonderful and caring parents, friends, and family.  I have been blessed with many wonderful pets in my lifetime. Pets are very loving and are a wonderful blessing indeed. Be considerate to your pets and always give them the best care possible. I am very thankful for all that I have been blessed to receive. With God, family, and friends by your side you are very blessed everyday. Thank your family, friends and God in your prayers as you sit down and eat together this Holiday season. Blessings to you and yours and your pet family. Be considerate to the needs of others everyday.

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