The Man Who Worshiped Money So Much He Left Everything Else Behind

There was a man so obsessed with making money that he ignored the fact that his own family was falling apart. His children had many problems that a good caring Father could have helped them with if he was only their for them. He was a humble man and did not put on Aires but his money came first before everything or anybody else.

He did not spend quality time with his wife or family. He walked right by a man wanting food when he came out of a restaurant with a to go box full of leftovers. He ignored the needs of his church family and he ignored what God  wanted him to do with his life. He never traveled and he never took time to relax. He hardly ever talked to people unless it was his financial adviser.

Time kept marching on and he still made no changes in his life his children now had children of their own. He did not spend time with his Grandchildren. He was now obsessed with the fact that he might not have enough money for a rest home in his old age. He worked and toiled away endlessly. One day his body gave out and he finally turned to God for help. He began to see the errors of his ways. He realized he had ignored the cries of the needy, his family, friends, church family and God.

He began to see what he had been missing out on in life. He was missing out on being loved and adored by his family. He had missed out on the beauty of nature and what God was calling upon him to do with his life that would help others.

The man who had worshiped money now worshiped God and family and friends. He now gave freely to the cries of the needy. He found out it is better to give than to receive. Money did not buy him happiness in fact it almost robbed him of everything that is truly important in life.

It takes a disaster or a near death experience to wake some people up to as what is truly important in life. Life is meaningless without love from family, friends and God. Money does not buy happiness or friends. Money can truly be the root of all evil if you worship it before you worship God. Do not let money consume or devour your life. Give freely to worthwhile charities and help as many people as you possibly can while you are here on earth. God bless a joyful giver.

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