Deception is making someone believe a falsehood is the truth. The falsehood will injure the deceived party into making a wrong decision that will harm him in the end. I have had people misrepresent the truth to me. I have purchased a few items over the years that have been gravely misrepresented.

Before I purchase a used car I ask to speak to the former owner of the car. You can learn the true scoop on the car by speaking to the former owner. A car dealer once told me the car I was looking at had never been in an accident. I called up the owner and he told me the car had been accordionend. Needless to say I called up the car dealer and told him the jig was up.

If you try to deceive someone it will come back to haunt you. A business will lose customers fast as word of mouth travels very fast as to how they treat their customers. If you have to deceive someone to sell something you are a train wreck that will derail. Represent your product for what it actually can do  and no more. People learn who they can and cannot trust very quickly. If you want return customers who will make your business shine treat them like royalty every time they come into your business and never spread falsehoods about what you have to sell.

Never misrepresent anything. Stay away from double – dealing. Stay away from fraudulent activity. Tell the truth and then you will be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience. Remember the truth will always set you free.

God knows when you are trying to deceive him. Our friends see us for who we are in their eyes but God sees our heart , and we cannot deceive him. Adam and Eve tried it. Gen. 3 : 7 – 24   Cain tried it. Gen, 4 : 1 – 15  and  David tried. Never pretend you are more than what you truly are. God knows you as you truly are inside your heart and soul.

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