Caring For Gods Creation

It is our job as Gods stewards to look after and maintain what God has created on earth for us to enjoy. We must replenish what we use up. When we go camping we should leave the camp ground like it was before we came. We must not leave our carbon footprint there.

Every time we cut down a tree we should replace it with a nice young tree to take its place. If we see a plastic container laying around we should place it in a trash can where it belongs. If you make a mess clean it up ASAP and do not expect others to clean up after you.

If you see one of Gods creatures in trouble call someone to help. I noticed a cow that had gotten out of a farmers yard so I called the Sheriffs office and told them where the cow was located and they got her back in her barn again. If you see an animal on the road slow down for it so it can get across safely. I noticed a man run over a little boys cat on purpose on day. The cat wiggled out of the little boys arms and was on the side of the road but the man severed over and killed the little boys cat right in front of him. The little boy picked up his dead cat and buried her in a gravel pile. I have no use for anyone that harms a poor defenseless creature. The little boys calico cat is in heaven now and she is wrapped in Gods healing hands.

When hunting do not kill anything that you do not intend to eat. Never torture or harm any of Gods creatures. God gave us dominion over the creatures of the World and it was his intention that we would treat them compassionately. We have a vast universe that is filled with fantastic scenery as long as we do not destroy it. We must as Gods children love and worship our vast universe and all it has to offer as God loves and worships each one of us. Be a good steward and do not leave your carbon foot print behind.Do everything possible to save Gods creatures and leave our Universe clean, majestic and beautiful for future generations to enjoy. Gods universe and creation is a great blessing.

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