Living Your Life As God Intended

Living your life as God intended is what life is all about on earth. Live your life in a gracious, faithful, caring, loving, joyful, hopeful, peaceful, kind and giving manner everyday that you are on Earth. Do your best to pass along Gods message to others that enter into your life. Be kind to others and thank them when they are kind to you.

God wants us to help each other as we journey through life on Earth. Check on your loved ones often and help those who need a little extra boost in their life. If someone makes a mistake forgive them and move forward in your relationship with them. God forgives us for our sins so we should not do any less for others. Holding a grudge only destroys you and not the other person as they will not even give it another thought.

God wants us to protect and help others that we meet in our lives. Visit and talk with others as often as you can. Being around others is good for your mental health as those that socialize a lot tend to live longer. Join a group of people that share the same interest as you do and all of you will reap the benefits.

God wants us to learn something new everyday so we don’t stagnate. Travel and enjoy new sights and sounds and discover no matter where you go we all want the same things out of life in general principals. We want to be happy and safe and secure in our life. We want someone to care about us. We cherish our time with our families.

W want to be children of God and live in his flock. We need to let others know what God has done for us. God is a wonderful guide and roll model for all of us to live a life that serves God and helps others on their path with their trials and tribulations. Lift up those who are down and heavy trodden-ed. Live a life with purpose that exemplifies all of Gods values and teachings.

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