No one wants to be ridiculed. Taking a joke to far is a form of ridicule. Some things are not a joking matter no matter how you may see it. If the party is not taking the joke how you intended it to be taken then stop immediately. Carrying a joke to far hurts everyone involved in the end. Friends may be lost and business deals could be broken.

Teasing someone endlessly gets old and annoying to the person on the receiving end. Teasing can get out of hand very quickly and is a behavior that a bully might present. Teasing can be a way of putting someone down in their eyes. What you might think is very innocent is not innocent at all to the person at the receiving end.

Laughing at someone is also a form of ridicule. Would you like to be laughed at ? I am sure your answer is no. To laugh with someone is perfectly fine but to laugh at them is a big problem in my eyes and Gods eyes. Laughter is the best medicine when done correctly and with good intentions.

Mocking someones behavior is never good unless your a famous comedian and then it should be done with tact.  Always remember you could always be on the receiving end of ridicule. Mocking someones actions is mean and nasty. If you have to put someone down to feel good about yourself than you have a major problem.

Contempt is a feeling of disrespect. When you feel contempt toward another human being you may think of them as something and not a person or that they are worthless. No person is worthless in this World. God made each and everyone of us and no one is any better or any worse than the next guy. We are each one of Gods lambs in his flock.

Make sure you treat people with the upmost respect and never ridicule them for we are all created a like by the hand of God. Spread Gods good works today and always without ceasing.

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