Do you feel you are unsettled in your life ? Are you undecided in where you want to be in your life ?  All of us have ongoing concerns that seem almost impossible to resolve on our own. I ask God for guidance in my life when I feel unsettled about something. Talk over reoccurring events that you cannot seem to find a solution to with your friends as two heads are better than one on solving those tough problems.

If you feel you have lost direction in your life maybe it is time to take your life in a different more positive direction. If your job or someone makes you feel you lack a purpose in life stay away from that person and find a different job ASAP. Do not let another persons negativity rob you of your positive attitude towards life.

Being unsettled on issues is very nerve racking. Do not stay unsettled for too long as it will make you doubt your effort to rise above the storms in life. Being directionless in life makes it easy for someone to guide you in the wrong direction as to almost a point of no return. Never let another person control your life or have too much power over you so they can lead you down a road of no return.

Sometimes if someone is sad or not feeling good about themselves they want everyone else in their life to feel as miserable as they do. If you let them succeed you will be swirling around in a vortex that will take all of the joy and happiness out of your life. Try to help out people that are suffering as much as you can without taking the wind out of your own sails. Life is never easy as there are a lot of pitfalls and events that happen to us that we think are unfair.

Lift people up and never put them down and try to bring joy and happiness into their lives if they will let you in. We try to do our best for people but sometimes it is not enough to make them feel better about themselves. Pray to God to help your family and friends find the joy and happiness that everyone deserves to have in their life.

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