There are no true shortcuts in life. You may think you are taking a shortcut in a job someone hired you to do. If the job is not completed to their satisfaction you will have to work at the same job again until you get it completed to their specifications. People notice if you try to take shortcuts in life.

God Notices If You Take Shortcuts In Life

God notices if you take shortcuts in life. If you only think to ask God for help when you are in dire straights you have lost the concept of prayer. Thank God when you have smooth sailing in your life because without God by your side all sailing would have rough waves. Thank God for the small and large events in your life that have enriched you and strengthened you throughout the years.

Shortcuts Will Eventually Catch Up With You

Be your best and do your best every single day of your life. Remember shortcuts will catch up with you eventually. If you put your soul and your heart into a project it will reflect through your project. People will admire and look up to you for what you have done with your life. Make a positive difference in the World everyday that you are blessed to be in this World.

Don’t Take Shortcuts On The Interstates

Even when we take shortcuts when we are driving we miss out on a lot of magnificent scenery. The interstates make for fast travel but I prefer the scenic Hi-Ways and Bi-Ways. I love to travel on the old back roads and see old homes and barns and animals enjoying being out and about in nature. I once got on an old mining road in Colorado and I discovered an old cemetery with tombstones dating back to 1797. Remnants of the old mine were still there. The water tower was still there along with some of the sifters for separating the Gold from the debris.

God Never Takes Any Shortcuts With You

Worship and thank God for being in your life everyday that you are here on Earth and do not take any shortcuts in life. Remember shortcuts only cause problems for everyone concerned. God never takes any shortcuts with you.

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