Staying Fit With God

Staying fit with God takes time. Gods followers stay fit by be good stewards, learning more about the bible, spreading the good word and so much more. Go to bible study groups in your local church or take on line courses. Always embrace learning and share what you have learned with as many people as you possibly can.

Read a daily devotional as you start out your morning and reflect on what you just read. Put yourself in the devotion that you just read and think  how it will affect your day or the people you know in your day. Can you see this devotional read in yourself ? Can I use it to improve my relationship with God and others ?

Surround yourself with people that feel the same way about the bible as you do. Help people who have lost faith due to the death of loved one, divorce or an illness. Let them know that God is always by their side even when it seems the situation couldn’t become worse. God knows all of your needs and wants. We get impatient with God at times and want things right now. God will give you what you need in his own time and when he thinks you can handle it. God is a constant in your life and he will never abandon you. Sometimes we feel alone in our darkest hour as no one is near. God is always right next to you with his arms embracing you forever.

Children of God stay fit. Resist temptations that want to pull you away from God. The devil tries to tempt all of us at one time or another. Do not turn to false prophets for help from the storms of life or you will truly die with them by your side. Only God can save you from sinking sand. God is a constant and loving friend that holds you up and is your cheerleader in life forever.

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