Finding Common Ground On Uncommon Ground

Sometimes it is hard to find common ground in a particular situation. You have to put yourself in the other persons position. We all feel and view things in different ways. In dealing with someone you must think to yourself would I accept what they are proposing and if not why should they accept it.

Life is full of trying to find common ground with people in different situations that present themselves in life. Contracts get ironed out so both parties can feel comfortable with a purchase of some kind. If you stand your ground without considering the other parties dilemma you will never get anywhere near common ground with them.

If a person has been hurt or injured they want someone to listen to them and help them out so they can feel whole again. If your car gets hit you want the party responsible to make your car look like it did before the accident occurred. I have had people damage something of mine thinking I would not notice. People notice when their items have been damaged and you did not make them whole again. If you borrow something return it in the same or better condition than when you received it from them initially.

Common ground and common sense go together. It takes common sense to find common ground with people. You have to see the big picture and how the outcome will affect many lives not just a few lives. Every action and event has a trickle down affect for many years to come.



Common ground must be found in business transactions, marriages, travel, government and all forms of dealing and interacting with people. You must compromise with people as you do not want to antagonize them. Without common ground we do not make progress and we do not move forward in a positive manner.

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