Fast Forward

When we are young and in school it seems like time stands still. We live in a fast paced world and things change and move along more quickly than we would like it to.

If you try to recreate an event that happened years ago you will not be able to. Buildings get torn down and people die or move away. I traveled to a place years ago as a child and went back thirty years later and what a grave disappointment that turned out to be. Part of the town was completely gone and the stores had boarded up windows.

Change is a constant and we have to adapt to changes in our life quickly to survive in a fast paced world. Computers get outdated quickly and we have to get used to a new computer about every three years. In the information age we have an answer to all of our questions ASAP on our smart phones. In ten years all banking will be done on line. We check in at the airport on our smart phones and at large hospitals.

Brick and mortar stores suffer because we buy everything online at a cheaper price. We should support our hometown stores and the money that they make is put back in your local community. I like to try on clothes as I do not like the hassle of going to the Post Office to return the item if it does not fit from the online store. Local stores help you out when you have a problem with an item you purchased from them. An online store may take weeks to get back to you.

We must support change. Changes discover new medicines and cures for illnesses that effect all of us eventually. Without change we would stagnate and never move forward. The older we get the harder it becomes for us to embrace change but we must remember that change may save our life someday.

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