Home and Family

We love the comfort of our home. We feel safe and loved when we are at home with our family around us. After we come home from a trip the comforts of home await us. Home is our happy place where we can relax and unwind after a hard days work.

Home awaits the return of the young soldier who has gone to war. His parents, wife and kids welcome him home with open arms and hugs and kisses. He feels safe and loved once again in the comfort of his home and family. He can go to sleep in his favorite recliner or watch the game on TV. Friends come over and they have a cook out and share their corner of the World with each other.

The college student is happy to return home on Holidays to get together with family and friends. He enjoys eating his Mothers home cooked meals once again. He goes to sleep in his old familiar room and bed. All of his old toys and possessions are exactly as he left them in his room. We love home where everything is familiar and welcoming.

We always want to return home because of all the memories that our home has for us. We remember family gatherings with our Grandparents. We always loved Grandma’s homemade pies, cookies, jello, cakes and much more. Grandpa would always have fresh wintergreen mints for me to eat that I loved. Grandma would always have a red jello with cut bananas in it ready for us to enjoy every Sunday of the week.

We come home to die when we are old. We feel comfort in our hometown and our family church. We want to buried in our hometown cemetery. We want the minister of our family church to take care of our funeral service once we have passed away. We want our family and friends at our funeral service. When we have let our earthly home we will live in our heavenly home with God and his Angels. Home is always their for us.


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