Visiting My Relatives In Germany

My friend and I went to see my relatives in Germany. We arrived in Amsterdam, Holland on time. On the plane ride over I visited with a woman originally from Germany that now lives in Singapore and has a wine business. I drove a rental car on the autobahn to  Oldenburg, Germany and we stayed in the Hotel Sprenz. She called my relatives and they picked us up and we drove for one hour to their house. We were treated like royalty at my relatives house in Selverde, Germany. She had a large lunch prepared for us to eat which included the following : Pork Roast, potatoes and gravy, cauliflower, green beans and onions, tea and cream, carbonated water, fancy deserts and homemade pudding with currant sauce. We had a nice long visit with them and we discussed what we would like to see.

In the afternoon we went to the farm where my Great Grandfather had lived until he came to America. My Great Grandfather left Germany because work was scarce. The farm has 3 50 acre plots for a total of 150 acres or 60 hectors. The man where my Great Grandfather had lived showed us the farm land and told us his Mother’s maiden name was Weers. My relatives daughter took us on a tour of Selverde, Germany in the afternoon. We had a large dinner with my relatives in the evening and everything was excellent and cooked to perfection.

We went to the family cemetery the tombstones were destroyed in World War 2. A large rock was engraved with the name Weers Family on it to replace the lost tombstones. The church by the cemetery is a Lutheran church built in 1885. The church has written documentation of the people buried in the family cemetery. The church is brick and all original. It was nice to walk in a Church that my Great Grandfather had worshiped in.

My Great Grandfather’s house was destroyed in the war in 1945. There is a wonderful brick house there now that was built in 1950. My relatives house is a brick house on a cold a sac along with about seven other brick homes. My relatives are employed in the following occupations : hair dresser, secretary, construction worker, and farmer. My relatives are very nice and outgoing and very pleasant. They have a Lenz tractor that is over 51 years old. We saw several beautiful horses. The farm land is now used for hay to sell to farmers for their cattle.

We went back to our hotel in Oldenburg. Our rental car did not start in the morning but the owners got it up and running for us ASAP. She gave us a wonderful sack lunch to take with us when we left.

I loved visiting with my relatives from Germany and seeing the land and the area where my Great Grandfather had lived. My relatives and I write to each other at Christmas. I can see why my Great Grandfather loved living in Selverde, Germany. Everything was so clean and well kept in Germany.

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