God And Doors

Many doors will be opened and closed for you in your lifetime. With God by your side you will be able to decide what doors should always remain open and what doors should remain closed. Take time with your decision as once a door is closed in your life it can be very hard to reopen it.

Doors are opened on new friendships. Try to always work out problems that may occur with your friends or new acquaintances. I never want to see a door closed on a friendship until you have done everything you possibly can to save the friendship. Relationships in life have to have  give and take in them in order to have them work. Relationships are not always easy to maintain. Do what the other person wants to do and do not have your way all of the time. Reach out to your friends and be genuine. Treat people with the upmost respect. Lift people up and never put them down.

Doors get closed on different chapters in your life according to your position in life, your health, your needs and wants in life. Decide if you you want more doors open in your life or you think it is necessary to close a few. Too many jobs or obligations on the table can be bad for everyone concerned. If you can not do justice to everything that you have to get completed it is time to close a door or two. Put 100 % effort into your jobs and your relationships with others as no one will be disappointed then. Life can be fast paced remember to slow down and smell the roses so to speak.

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Remember to always keep you door open to God as he will take you far in life. Keep your old friends close to your heart and be open to new relationships in your life. As one door closes in your life another will open as the old saying goes. We will have many chapters in our life and many doors will be opened for us. Move forward in your life with good friends by your side and bring joy, peace, love and hope into others lives. God Bless you on your journey in life.

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