My Favorite Swiss Village is Giswil, Switzerland

I have stayed in the small village of Giswil, Switzerland at least four times. It is like the village has stood still in time. Some of the people still have horses and old farm equipment that they use in their everyday life. Everything is sparkling clean and very well cared for.

I stayed in the Hotel Krone which was nice and clean and they were very accommodating. It was located right in the main area of the village. The pop. of the Giswil is 3,513. I loved  the charm of the old small churches as it seemed I was stepping back in time by going to a church like my Great Grandfather would have attended years ago.

Wagon Ride & Alpine Cheese

My friend and I took a buggy or wagon ride to a little old Swiss House that had cheese and homemade wine to drink. A woman in the house gave us a history lesson on how the Alpine Swiss Cheese was processed and distributed years ago.

Farm Animals in Giswil, Switzerland

In the early morning hours I was awakened by the Brown Swiss Cattle ringing their cowbells in the meadows which was very comfortable and relaxing sound. The sheep would Baa and the Roosters would report to you that morning had come. I would feed some of the sheep in the morning and I would pat a few of the Brown Swiss Cattle on the head. The dairy farmers would be out at 5 AM starting to milk their cows and a few anxious cats would be following the farmer for their chance at some of the rich wonderful milk from the Brown Swiss Cattle.


The cemeteries back of the churches were kept up to perfection. A lot of live flowers had been planted on the plots. Dead flowers were removed daily and the live plants were watered everyday. The inside of the churches reminded me of very old country churches. The altars were stunning with the small church pews and the bibles in their place back of the pews.

Switzerland’s  Stunning Beauty

I would walk around Giswil frequently and I would enjoy the small tame rabbit family that one family had running loose in their front yard. I would look at all of the farm animals and enjoy the breath taking mountains that are in Switzerland. I could go to Giswil, Switzerland every year and never get tired of it. I can see why some of my ancestors are from Switzerland as its beauty has no match.

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