Uplift and Enrich Peoples Lives

Remember to compliment people for a job well done or a service they provided for you. One compliment can make someones day a little bit brighter. Some people like to put people down. A true friend or kind person will never put a person down.


People have many great qualities and abilities that they should be complimented on. I think people that put others down do not feel good about their own situation in life so they put someone down to make themselves look better in their own eyes. It doesn’t take much of a person to put someone down. If you like to be complimented for a job or service that you performed you should extend that same kind of treatment to others.

God wants us to be kind and uplift people each and everyday of our lives. If you can’t think of anything good to say then keep your thoughts to yourself. We put our hearts and soul into our work. If you do not like something tell the owner discreetly and he will most likely correct the problem and make it right with you ASAP. Do not trash a business online as it has a ripple effect that will effect many more people then you ever imagined.

Tell your waitress that she did good job serving your table. Tell the man that trimmed your trees that your place looks so much better now. Compliment people and business’es that go the extra mile for you. Life is short and live the life you have as an exemplary citizen.



You enrich peoples lives by having a genuine concern for their well being. By sharing your knowledge with others, helping them, listening to them and sharing the good times and the bad times with them. Go out and empower people and compliment them and enrich their lives in many different and wonderful ways. Gods blessings to you and yours.

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