Spiritual Maintenance

We maintain and update a lot of things in our life. We check our furnaces once a year to make sure they are in prime optimal condition for the cold winter months. We recharge  our air conditioners in our cars so we will be nice and cool in the hot summer months.

Maintenance Is A Constant In Our Lives

Our homes need new roofs every 25 to 50 years. We need to replace worn out appliances and more. General maintenance is constant in our lives. If something is well cared for and maintained it will last for years. A house left unattended will turn into shambles in a very short amount of time.

Maintain Your Relationship With God

If you do not maintain your relationship with God your life will turn into a train wreck because you will end up on the wrong track in life. God will always guide you in the right direction in your life as long as you let him be your guide in life.

Spiritual Maintenance

We must all have spiritual maintenance in order for our spirit to live on into eternity. Let the Bible be your guide to keep you on track for a rich spiritual life. Tune into the sounds of nature and always be alert as to what God is calling upon you to do with your life. We will all take many and different paths in our life that will benefit or hurt others. Try to stay on the path that always helps others. There are many temptations in life that will try to rob you of a rich spiritual life with God. Do not be tempted by what the herd is doing as it is easy to be a follower. Only follow what God would want you to follow. If you follow someone make sure they are of pure heart and soul and they do not harm others. Help and uplift people everyday of your life and listen to Gods calling for you for your spiritual maintenance.

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