Look At The Total Picture In Life

What do you want to do with your life ? Will your life impact others or  help them ? Set goals everyday for yourself that will help other people. Live within your means of what is truly possible to achieve. Don’t waste time on a project that is going nowhere  and that will bring you down with it.

Life is full of  upsets and unexpected events. Roll with the event if at all possible and do not let the event roll over you. In the total picture of life not every event will come into focus or even get off of the drawing board. Events get postponed or are a grave disappointment. Some events are the events of a lifetime and those are the ones that leave people talking and planning for years to come.

How do you picture yourself in life ? Are you happy with the way things are going or do you think you should step it up a notch or two. Change will never happen in your life unless you greet change with open arms. The older we get change happens very quickly. We cannot do all the things that we long to do any longer because of age or sickness. It is time to find a new you before you get stuck in a sinkhole that will take you down.

God knows all of the battles we have fought and he sees the whole picture of our lives. God is the one that can help you help others more effectively and positively. Always share your knowledge with others so it will not get buried eventually along with you.

Smile and put a smile on someone else’s  face today. Socialize with others as often as you can. People that socialize tend to live longer than those that do not. Always look at the whole picture in life and do not get fixated on one small detail or event in life. Remember to ride out lives storms and get back in sink with yourself and others quickly. Life waits for no man.

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