Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com.

I was provided Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I have many bird feeders located outside that my cats and I can watch through my picture window. I  love to feed my birds Kaytee Basic Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com. The seeds are nice and fresh and my wild birds love it. Kaytee bird food has a number of different grains to attract a variety of various birds throughout the year. Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com has corn, a blend of grains and sunflower seeds. Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food has supplements, vitamins, and calcium carbonate in their blend to help your wild bird friends get through the stress of winter, breeding and migration.

Some of the birds that come to my feeder and eat the Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food are Houses finches,  Blue-jays, Wood peckers, Starlings, sparrows, Cardinals, Blackbirds, Gold finches and Chickadees. The Gold finches sit on the windowsill and my cats go wild watching them and my cats make a clicking sound with their mouth. Sometimes all three of my house cats are in a row batting at the birds through the window. Bird watching is a great source of entertainment for my cat and I.

I love watching and observing wild birds. I try to make their lives easier by providing high quality Kaytee wild bird food for them throughout the year. I enjoy watching their offspring as they grow up and they eat at my bird feeders eventually also. I had a pair of Cardinals and their two young ones eating at my bird feeders and what a delight it was to watch them.

Put up bird feeders and teach your children about the various birds and to respect and help out the birds that God created. Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com is a bird food your little wild bird friends will sing about for a long time to come.

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