Watch How You Use Your Position In Life

Use your position in life wisely and with a kind, loving and caring heart. Do not throw your weight or position around. Treat all of your coworkers with the upmost respect. Treat everyone as your equal as nobody is any better than anybody else.

Some people are born into their position in life and others have worked hard for it. Remember to always help other people that are less fortunate then you are. Never look down on people as you do not know their background or what they have been through in their life. Only God can judge a person.

Some people sit high in their empire and count their money never giving a thought to how they could help others less fortune. You never know you could get fired and be the person that needs a helping hand. Would you want others to treat you like you have treated them if not get your act together before it is too late.

Remember Jesus died for our sins so we will have eternal life. If Jesus would have put his position above ours we would never know eternal life. We would just die and that would be the end of us for all eternity. Jesus put his love for us above his own self preservation. A true friend will put his love for you first and then he will tend to his needs.

A position does not mean much if you do not use it to help others. God gave you your position for a reason. Think to yourself why did God give me that particular position and pray to God to help you use your position in society correctly. Think of something that would help someone out everyday with the job or position you have in life. Use your position wisely for the betterment of mankind.

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