What Does It Mean To Welcome Someone ?

When you welcome someone that has just entered the room you make them feel appreciated and warm and comfortable in the room. If you have not seen the person in along time you may hug them or say it is so wonderful to have you back again.

if you do not feel welcomed in a crowd or in a meeting you feel uncomfortable and on edge. If people stare at you or talk about you in the meeting you want to leave the meeting ASAP. Reach out to others and always remember to treat them nicely and kindly. If you see someone making unfavorable remarks about someone stop them from doing so if at all possible. Think before you speak because the spoken word is like a sped arrow shot in the dark that you will never get back again.


We welcome friends back home from a long trip or a soldier that has come back home from active duty. We love and miss our friends and family members dearly that have left for a long period of time and we rejoice when they are back with us once again. We hope to have a lifetime of wonderful and happy times and someone to travel through the world of life with. Friends and family that love us and we love them back make the world of life. Love is what life is all about. If no one loved you or cared about you what would be the purpose of life.

Sometimes when one does a favor for someone they say your welcome. Welcome means that you care and wanted to help make someones day be a little brighter. God will welcome us to heaven someday. God is kind and considerate, compassionate, gracious, forgiving, and loving and he always welcomes his children back home with open arms.

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