Do Not Procrastinate

Do not say that I will get that done tomorrow for none of us know for sure if we will have a tomorrow. Do not put off what you can get done today for another day. Make good use of your time and move along quickly and efficiently. Get together with a good friend today and spend quality time with them.

Get Up Early

Get up early in the morning and you will be very surprised by what you can get completed in just one day. Do some book work, house cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging, washing clothes, vacuuming, lawn mowing or snow removal depending on the season and then relax and read a book or work on a hobby.

Sitting around thinking about what you should do will not get the task at hand done. Start your projects early so you are not over taxed by having a vast amount of things you must get done all at once. Have a list of things you want to work on everyday and keep marking them off your list as they get fully completed.

Never Procrastinate

Never procrastinate as you may end up with a mountain of repairs and bills that have to be paid all at once. Keep a running list of things that you want to get fixed or remodeled in your home. Keep up on your car maintenance also to avoid very expensive car bills down the road.

God does not procrastinate as he listens to our thoughts and dreams everyday of our lives. God answers our prayers in a timely manner. God is our compass and guide on earth. Let God guide you to get together with your loved ones today to enjoy each others company. Let God help you stick to a schedule that will strengthen your faith and get all of your task done in a timely manner that will please others and God.

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