Do you just put out a mediocre performance in life ? Mediocre is moderate quality work that is just run of the mill. Put out your best performance in all that you set out to accomplish in life and people will take notice that you paid attention to the various details in your job, your life and so much more.

Anyone can do a mediocre job and it shows up in all aspects of your life. I want to do an above average job that will last for years. Do not be indifferent take a stand and make valid points that will improve the environment, peoples lives and do things that people can benefit from for years to come.

Do not be a middle of the road person. If you do not move forward in life you will have missed out on a great deal of your life. Life is  about moving forward to bigger and better things. If you do not broaden your horizons in life eventually you run out of horizons and no one including you will know what you could have accomplished with the time that God gave you here on earth.

Jesus did not leed a mediocre life as he accomplished so very much while he was here on earth. He is our great redeemer and savior. He leed an exceptional life and he was not indifferent to other people. Jesus gave his life to save us from our sins. Jesus is unforgettable and inspirational. He cared deeply for people that were suffering and in pain and he helped them all at all cost. No task was too big for Jesus to accomplish. He helped the beggar on the street, the hungry, the downtrodden, sick people and anyone that needed compassion and kindness.

Set your sights high in life and never do a mediocre job. Do the kind of work that Jesus did to the best of your ability and remember to be kind, compassionate, loving, caring and bring hope, love, peace and joy into the lives of others everyday that you are  here on earth. God Bless you and go out and be one of Gods wonderful stewards.

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